Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ein Baby Kommt! We had a baby - Part I

As you many noticed I haven't been blogging as frequently over the past year. The reason is simple, as it turns out pregnancy and a baby are real time sucks. The "sucks" definitely apply to the first and last trimester of pregnancy. However, it doesn't have to apply to having a baby far away from family in a foreign country, especially if that country has many benefits for women, babies, and families. My pregnancy story begins as most do, even if the journey and language vary: a positive pregnancy test. I remember sitting in my bathroom and watching my pregnancy test waiting for the result. When the faintest of faint second line appeared I didn't know whether or not to trust my eyes, so I woke up Dr. Husband, it being around 6:30am, to ask him whether he saw the faint second line. He replied he thought he saw something, but that I should go back to sleep. As many people in my position know that would prove to be impossible. I spent the remainder of the day wondering, "Is it true? Could I be?"

Early the next morning I took another test and with a slightly darker result I felt more confident in my answer. I again showed my Dr. Husband the stick at around 6:30 in the morning and I confidently stated, "Yes, I believe my Eggo is Preggo!" He said he would feel more confident the following morning. The next morning, since I was confident, that I was indeed pregnant, I went to the pharmacy to get prenatal vitamins. At this point my Germany was still pretty bad and the pharmacist thought I wanted a pregnancy test. I struggled to say the word vitamin. She finally understood and gave me a box which cost me 30€ for a month's supply. When I got home I called my Gynocologist office to make an appointment. Unfortunately, for me their first opening was several weeks away.

As fate would have it my pregnancy was confirmed by a doctor a couple weeks before my appointment. When I woke up to spotting sometime in my 5th week of pregnancy, all I knew was that I should see a doctor. I took a shower, in a state of shock, then woke Dr Husband to let him know I thought I needed to go to the hospital.We headed that way, and I ended up explaining my predicament to a couple different people (in a mixture of German and English) as I was directed to different parts of the hospital. I ended up in the Frauenambulanz where I waited to be seen by a doctor. The doctor spoke very good English, and after I explained the spotting, said "Let's take a look," motioning to the ultrasound machine. I'm fairly certain that seeing our tiny blob with a flicker in the middle is when Dr Husband finally believed I was pregnant. He later told me that seeing only one blob, as opposed to multiple, was one of the most relieving experiences of his life. We got to hear the heartbeat, which was fast and strong, and we were sent on our way with a prescription for progesterone and a little picture of our blob.