Thursday, April 16, 2015

Der April macht was er will.

    If there is one thing I have learned from this move, it's that I am a spring/summer season person. Sunshine, flowers, being able to sit outside comfortably for hours at a time (preferably with a cold (or cold-ish) beverage), and long daylight hours are all elements I need in my life. Don't get me wrong, there's a certain beauty and peace in watching snow fall, and fresh snow makes everything look new and fresh... like you're just seeing it for the first time. The child-like wonder of exploring a landscape recently powdered with snow is something everyone should experience. It's magical.
    But I had been running for months in the cold and snow... desperate for warmer temperatures and more hours of sunshine. Finally March 21st rolled around, and I began to hope winter would finally be over. Needless to say, I was pretty pissed off when I woke up to snow falling on April 1st. While it wasn't sticking to the ground/buildings, snow still stung my face and occasionally turned to sleet, which is in my humble opinion an even ruder form of precipitation, any time I ventured outdoors. I thought I had served my time to Master Winter. I was over it. Then on Monday, the 6th of April the most unwelcome thing happened: after snowing all day, it started to stick. We got 3-5 inches in a matter of hours. I was displeased.
                                              (Taken on 6.April. Despite the smile, I'm not happy)
    It was during this snowstorm that I learned a German phrase about the idiosyncrasies of April weather. Whereas April showers bring May flowers in the US, in Germany and Austria der April macht was er will. Translated this means "April does what it wants". I found this to be true as by Thursday of that same week, highs were reaching the 70s.
   The weather has been much more fitting to my preferences recently, but apparently rain is on its way within the week. At this point I'm just grateful for having a few beautiful, warm, sun-filled days. I just hope April doesn't want anything too crazy. I mean, he's only got a couple weeks left... right? Wish us luck! 
                                         (Picture from my instagram page Bridgets06)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Good, the Bad, and the Horrendous: Austrian Easter Candy Edition

    Spring has always been associated with renewal, birth (or rebirth), and on the Sunday proceeding the first full moon after the equinox: Easter. Along with slightly warmer temperatures, I have been very excited to see the growing number of candies in the familiar shapes (chicks, bunnies, eggs) and pastel colors I have come to associate with Easter. Dr Husband and I decided to try a few, especially after they went on sale, for Science. Our results were.... mostly unfortunate.  

(Please pardon the already opened containers.... Dr Husband was more excited to try these exotic treats than he was to take a picture of them)

1) I'll just tell you what this is: chocolate covered gelatin and sugar. It was beyond weird and virtually inedible. We ended up tossing most of the bag because we couldn't think of a good enough reason to punish ourselves by eating them. 2/10

2) This chocolate was eggsentially (lol) a nestle crunch in a seasonally appropriate egg-shape. 7/10

3) Despite a distinctly processed taste, these were ok. The nougat filling has a slight (and extremely artificial) praline flavor. 5/10

4) I will admit that I am biased on this flavor combination. While I love bananas (and things made with bananas), I find artificial banana flavor physically (and morally) repugnant. Needless to say, I took one bite of this flavor combination and could not finish the "treat". The banana flavoring was too sweet and reminiscent of mushy, over-ripe bananas. The "dark chocolate" coating neither added nor detracted from the banana flavor, which was, just...there. 1/10

I have gotten some recommendations so hopefully better luck next year (and I plan to purchase candy which costs more than 2€ ;) If anyone has Austrian Osterschokolade recommendations please feel free to leave a comment!