Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I think I have fixed the issues people have been having posting comments by allowing everyone to post comments (including “anonymous” oooooOOOOOoooo). This should be listed as the “Hufflepuff” setting, but apparently my blog manager lacks imagination and a boner for all things Harry Potter (unlike myself). So anyways, I will leave the comment section open and available to everyone provided it doesn’t get too spammy and 4/chan-y down there. It’s ok to be creepy because I am also creepy and we can be creepy together (forever). So let’s get weird, y’all!

Monday, September 22, 2014

What will BSD be doing in Innsbruck, Austria?/Das Hauswifen

            I know if I were an outsider looking into my current situation I would want to know: but what is that woman going to do in Austria since it’s her HUSBAND that got the job?? Don’t worry, I am my own biggest hater (and fan -- because I’m totes awesome… you just don’t even know sometimes I make myself laugh so hard I don’t even need no one else) and have asked myself this question too. Sometimes when I really want to throw shade I’ll tell myself that I’ll never work again, and I might as well start working on macaroni friendship bracelets to sell on etsy. Only to remember that I am really really bad at arts n’ crafts, and the only people that would buy bracelets would be family and friends that felt pity for me, and they would probably lie about how theirs got lost in the mail when in actuality the bracelet just doubled up as a snack. Joke’s on you, I lacquered those bracelets up! Otherwise they would have rotted! You probably have toxins in you now!
            Anyways I have compiled a list of things I may end up doing while I’m here:

1. Go to graduate school (again). One master’s just isn’t enough! I might as well take some more classes to see if I can ever become a respectable person. Pros: I will have something awesome on my resume as to what I did while here, and it may even help my future career. Cons: Graduate school is stressful and sucky. Also careers in hard science are limited and getting a graduate degree in hard science seems more costly than beneficial. That is, if I even get in ;-)

2.  Do housewifey things. Like cook, clean, and run errands like the daily grocery shopping that needs to be done here. This is good because it allows me time to nurture hobbies like reading, writing, and trying to braid my hair in new and fascinating ways. I’m looking into doing some freelance at home work as well as taking some online classes. The only problem with this is that I have seriously never wanted to be a housespouse/stay at home type of person so that is a lot of change for me.

3. Find a job in Austria. Are you hiring? I don’t speak any German, but I can smile like a dumbass while people prattle on in their anger-speak. I’ll send you my resume.

4. Run another marathon (or two). I may be slow, but I got time on my hands.

5. Learn German. This is happening-ish. Starting classes in 2 weeks!

So I guess the answer is that I don’t have an answer. Not yet, anyway. I’ll let you know what I did here while I’m doing it. Until then I’m just going to live my life and take opportunities as they come. So now you (don’t) know.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hiking/The only thing to do on Sunday near Innsbruck

As I write I am aware of the soreness that is my lower body, and back, and chest. So really most of my body is sore. It’s my fault, actually. I had the idea on Saturday that on Sunday we should go for a hike. I had this idea because I didn’t feel like going for a run, and there really isn’t much else to do on Sunday in Innsbruck because most things are closed. Even though I didn’t want to go for a run I still wanted to get a decent workout – so I devised a secret plan to hike from the bottom of a mountain to a toppish location. Lift tickets can be expensive(ish) anywhere from 10€-30€, and you have to pay to get there. Since we aren’t sure when Dr Husband is getting paid my plan would be more frugal also.

We planned on getting an early start to the day, but the bed was feeling particularly needy that morning so I spent a little extra time with it so it wouldn’t feel put out. So we headed out early(ish) to find our bus and start our hike. We knew we wanted to go to a Muttersblargleblarg, but there were like 6 different Muttersermgigawds. So we bought our tickets for the one we wanted, and went to the bus stop to wait. We boarded our bus and set off into the Austrian Alps! To adventure we come! Unfortunately, we were headed in the wrong direction. Dr Husband knew almost immediately. I didn’t realize until later. He didn’t want to alarm me by telling me sooner, but I’d like to think he was pleasantly surprised by my adaptability and adventurous spirit. Also I wasn’t upset at all so I think that helped.
A couple quick decisions later, we exited the bus in a town with a ski lift (and trails), Fulpmes! Dr Husband was interested in taking the lift, but I convinced him it would be ultimate-hike-workout-Sunday if we hiked from the bottom to somewhere towards the middle-ish toppish. Also it would be cheaper so we’d have money for a snack and/or beer when we got there. I’m not sure if the prospect of beer or the prospect of learning me a lesson was the motivating factor in him humoring me but about a half a mile up the mountain I was wishing he hadn’t. Or, I could just roll down. Or die.
We made it to a Middlestation about an hour of huffing and puffing and wishing for sweet release from my soft squishy body later. Because we had only been hiking for a little over an hour we continued up. The views were spectacular, and we noticed we were in a different area than we would have been if we had taken the lift up. After another 45 minutes of walking we made it to a panorama water/pond place that was really neat. I got the impression people would go in the water if it were warmer out. We walked about another 30 minutes and made it to a hotel/restaurant. It was very quaint, and Dr Husband thought the ski slopes looked promising. All in all we had walked over 4 miles uphill. We were pretty spent, and the food we brought tasted pretty amazing. As did the second food and beer we got at the restaurant.

When we started to head downhill we decided to take a “more direct” route. This trail was a bit more difficult and followed a mountain spring downhill. There were parts of the trail that were flowing with water runoff. Since we don’t really have hiking appropriate shoes, the water on stones added an element of “will I slip and die?” to the mix that had been missing on the way up. We were exhausted by the time we made it off the trail. We found the bus stop again with no difficulty and only had a short wait before we were headed back to Innsbruck. Overall, it was a fun day, and as long as the weather is good I’m sure we’ll have many more Sunday hikes.

I should note that this was actually our second Sunday hike. Our first was to Patscherkofel. We took the lift up there, and it was very touristy. We had a good time and made it to the summit, but I think we both had more fun this time around. Also, I think our butts are gonna look way better after this one. At least I hope so cause it hurts. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Challenge

If you’re reading this you will have noticed that I have resurrected my once defunct blog into something I update occasionally. This is indirectly due to the fact that I and my husband, Dr. Husband, have moved to Austria. It is directly due to the fact that I have moved to Austria and am therefore half way around the world from my little brother, Jacob. We devised a plan to keep in touch in a way that more suitable to our personalities and relationship than just writing back and forth. Our challenge is for me to write at least one blog post a week and for him to do a youtube video a week. Sound kind of nerdy/geeky? Welcome to the family!

So I hereby dedicate this post to Jacob. Here ya go kiddo! Don’t go spending it all in one place ;) The challenge is officially accepted. I’m not sure what else to say so I will just mention that Jacob is the raddest little brother ever, and I wish I had half this kid’s smarts and talent. Love you, bro! (Link to Jacob's first video here)